YOU can make a difference

YOU could make a difference to someone else’s life. Project Rome is funded by the generosity of like-minded people, and from organising fund-raising events.

YOUR generosity and donations enable us to help the most disadvantaged in our city, by responding directly to their needs.

We NEVER give out money, we find out what those we help need, and we provide it, whether that is a pair of jeans, new socks, sleeping bag, food or a bus ticket home.

Please give generously. You can donate via PayPal (click the blue “Donate” button on this page) or buy something for another, directly from our Amazon wish list.

How else can you help?

Men’s good condition jeans, t-shirts, jackets, shoes, underwear and socks.
Food items: Potatoes, pasta, passata, olive oil, tins of beans and tomatoes
Toiletries: Deodorant, razors, shaving foam, shampoo, wet wipes

Home made cakes and biscuits, donate them or sell them and donate the proceeds

A fundraising raffle, dinner, event or sponsored activity

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